Boulogne/Paris, France

Ziad A. Massy is Professor of Nephrology and Head of the Division of Nephrology at the Paris Ouset University (UVSQ)- Ambroise Paré Hopsital, Paris, and Director of Research Unit INSERM U-1088 at the UPJV, Amiens, France. Prof. Massy is a current member and former co-chairman of European Uremic Toxins (EUTox) group, Core-member of the EURECAM Working Group Advisory Board –ERA-EDTA, Core-member of the CKD-MBD WG Working Group Advisory Board, as well as Board member of the Council of EVBO (European Vascular Biology Organisation).

He is an Ordinary Member of ERA-EDTA Council and Chair of the ERA-EDTA International Committee. He obtained “Fondation du Rein” Award at Sept 2010. He is on the editorial boards of Kidney International, NDT, Journal of Renal Nutrition, Journal of Nephrology and Néphrologie et Thérapeutique (served Editor in Chief from 2007 to 2010 and currently Emeritus Editor). He is also on the editorial boards of NDT- Educational and Hypertension Dialysis and Clinical Nephrology. His research areas of special interest include cardiovascular disease, vascular calcification, hyperlipidemia, uremic toxins, oxidative stress, and chronic renal failure. Moreover, he was and is coordinator and investigator of several clinical trials (e.g. as the French national coordinator of the SHARP International trial). He has published several original articles, reviews and chapters of books in his domain of interest.